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hey, i'm gonna be a first year graphic design student and i was assigned a room in ronson but i have two roommates....i thought ronson was a doubles hall? are there rooms for triples? i stayed in a room there for orientation and they were small as hell...anyone know whats up?

also...what do i do for work study? are they going to assign something to me?

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Anyone interested in selling me any of the following:

Architectural Graphics by Ching (paperback, published by Wiley, 4th edition, copyrighted 2003)
Architecture by Ching (paperback, published by Wiley, 2nd editon, copyrighted 1996)
Color Workbook by Koenig (paperback, published by PH, copyrighted 2003)
Environmental Science by Enger (hardback, published by Mc G, 10th edition, copyrighted 2006)
American People Vol. 2 by Nash (paperback, published by Longman, 7th edition, copyrighted 2006)
Custom Quick Access: Reference for Writers by Troyka (published by Pear Cust)
Calculus by Anton (hardback, published by Wiley, 8th edition, copyrighted 2005)

If so, just let me know.  Thanks!

hey PhilaU!

So I was accepted back in March as an architecture student and I'm kinda excited!
Not quite sure if I'll attend PhilaU, tho. Actually coming up there (I'm in Virginia) to visit the campus and stuff this coming Wednesday. Anyone have suggestions as to things I should make time to do or see while there?
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anyone a psychology major at philadelphia?
i was accepted & i actually visited just today(and loved the campus) and i want to know if this is such a great place for it..
i noticed they dont have a 5 years masters..
also, what minors do you recommend for it if you took it since i noticed there isn't a social work minor or philosophy. maybe im missing something?
thanks in advance.


i just got my letter of acceptance for fall '06, who else is in?

i'm wondering-- i originally applied for textile design, is it fairly easy to switch your major after the first year? i'm considering just switching to fashion design, and i think the first year for both majors is mainly foundation design.. does anyone know if it's possible?
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i've been accepted to philau as a freshman for fall 2006 interior design. i was wondering what dorm do you recommend? if it matters, i'm out of state (maryland), a minority, and i'm shy but trying to change, i like to party/dance but not drink or smoke. thanks.


Check it- - www.campusphilly.org/kickoff

Saturday, 9/24- Campus Philly Kick-Off FREE festival and concert
Starts at NOON
College Day on the Parkway- 11 cultural institutions open for free to students with college ID; free bus loop provided

Main Stage, headlining artists featuring k-os with nightmare of you and Sumliminal Orphans

DJ Tent- Illvibe Collective, Substitution presents Armanni, Sharpness, illy emcee, Dirty Channel, mis-ty, and DJ Rea

Second Stage- Paul Green School of Rock, Adam 12 w/ Panek, Kenneth Masters w/ DJ Cramske, This Radiant Boy

Skate Jam coordinated by Franklin's Paine
Idealist.org Involvement Fair
Student Leader's VIP area
On-site voter's registration
Spiral Q puppets
Bboys and Bgirls
Roller Derby Ladies
the day also entails a bunch of sponsor booths giving away free stuff and information

The After Party- FREE concert at the Rotunda 8PM-2AM, pick up tickets during the day to a free midnight screening of Wallace and Gromit - The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

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scholarships and phila u

Hi! I've already sent in my application for philau and was wondering what kind of finaid package I can expect. my SAT for now is 1180 and my gpa is 3.7 UW. i want to major in interior design, i'm a minority, and out of state. what do u think? they already offered me a $6000 scholarship. think i'd get more?

Besides that, I just want to know what do u like and dislike about philau? thanks.

dance club

Is there a dance club at your school that I could get involved in? I am not interested in a steps team or a pseudo dance/chearleading team...but a club that actually does dance classes and performances?

I am an avid dancer, and I totally look forward to dancing again once I get into college, but I am not interested in parading around in skimpy outfits at basketball games...or trying to pretend I can hip-hop...I mean--come on-- I live in VERMONT! we dont hip-hop here...we two-step :)

just wondering...

and if you guys do have a dance team, could I have lots of info on it? Like, a web-site, what kind of dance you guys do, how many shows? etc.

thanks a bunch...