Dreamer (abstract_dreams) wrote in phila_u,

textile engineering, anyone?

Hi! I'm currently at Villanova studying God-knows-what. I was originally going for chemical engineering because I like science as well as "making stuff" but it doesn't seem to be running too smoothly. Too much "sciencey"-science, not as pratical or hands-on as I hoped it would be. Then there's the school itself . . . but that's another story. I love fashion design and crafts, even though my drawing ability is kinda mediocre. I've been crocheting since elementary school but only starting knitting in high school. Oh, and I sew as well!

Anyways, through the magic of Google I discovered what sounded like a dream program - textile engineering - at a school not far from my current one! but a little late to apply as a frosh.
Does anyone have any experience with this program (either undergrad or grad - I can wait it out a few years!), or know if it's difficult to get into? Any words of wisdom would be appreciated!

also, what septa lines if any go near the school? is regional rail an option into center city?
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